Social Media can be used for used for some much more than your political views and what you ate for dinner!

Social Media For Businesses If you are a business owner or marketing department for a business?   Do you understand Social Media, their different outlets, and how to use it for your companies benefit?  You need to come up with a Social Media Business Strategy.

Let’s face it, Social Media is a place were you can go and waste a … Continue reading

The Importance of Having a Mobile Responsive Website

We live in a very digital and very mobile age, and with the ever-changing and advancing technology all around us, it is very important to stay current with the times when it comes to your business. 

This means that Googles algorithm has yet another criteria measured for their organic search results, and what websites will rank and … Continue reading

Free Custom Content Management Website with 6 – 9 month SEO Agreement

We have found that many times when it comes to doing a Search Engine Optimization program, many companies current website is not up to par. It could be: Not mobile responsive Obsolete technicality Dated (Not eye catching or attention gathering) Not user friendly (Hard to navigate through and find the info they are looking for) Poor or stale content Not … Continue reading

Auto Insurance Philadelphia, Car Insurance Philadelphia

Freedom Insurance Group is your best option for an Insurance Agent in Philadelphia. They specialize in getting the best rates for: Auto Insurance Philadelphia, Car Insurance Philadelphia. Freedom Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency in Philadelphia which means they are not associated with only one large insurance company, but many.  This means they can shop around … Continue reading

Custom Website Design Vs. Templates & Shared Themes

Hello All, let me first thank you for stopping by our blog and reading this post. I hope that you find it informative and helpful. 

Lets face it, business owners are faced with many business decisions daily and must make the right movies to be successful.  Most business owners are experts of their craft but know very little about Continue reading

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